I choose Cyprus!

 We were delighted with the films from the series “Cyprus in Your Heart” promoting the island famous for its extraordinary tourist values. The productions submitted by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism participated in the international competition of the 16th FilmAT Festival were appreciated by the members of the jury: 

a special award – guaranteeing a golden statuette – from Zbigniew Żmudzki, the chairman of the jury, went to the film “Cyprus. From A Greener Point of View “. 

The jury awarded the silver statuette in the “Promotion of countries” category to the film: “Better Days are Coming” 

And what is Cyprus associated with the younger generation? I asked my younger colle-agues: If you would like to choose one country in the European Union for leisure and sightseeing, which country would you choose? The Republic of Cyprus, they replied without hesitation. And with a smile they added: Why? Because it’s the Island of Love. 


CYPRUS - the Island of Love

According to ancient myths, it was there, on the beach near Paphos, that the goddess of love Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam – to this day a symbol of beauty and desire, the most beautiful of the Greek goddesses. 

The statue of Aphrodite of Soloya – one of the most important exhibits
at the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia

The geostrategically attractive location of Cyprus, which attracted Aphrodite, also con-tributed to making the island an example and model of harmonious coexistence of many cultures.There are historical and religious monuments of very different styles and philo-sophies on the territory of Cyprus. So because of it Cyprus is called the crossroads of civilization and a bridge between cultures. 

Beautiful frescoes in the interior of the church of Panagia Asinou

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean and, lying at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, has an interesting history behind it. For thousands of years, cultural currents from Europe, Asia and Africa have been interwoven here, different nations and adherents of different religions meet. As a result, Cyprus has a multi-colored, mosaic character. The history of Cyprus is 11,000 years old, with prehistoric settlements, ancient Greek temples, Roman theaters and villas, early Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches, medieval castles. Many of these monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Tombs of the Kings – A large ancient necropolis located northwest of Paphos Town

Tradition is intertwined with modernity in the form of cosmopolitan cities, high quality of life, luxury hotels, modern roads. In Cyprus, the twenty-first century is bordering on the history of the hundred centuries. Old customs and traditions are still cherished, especially in the villages. You can experience a real, authentic tradition and culture, so rarely found anywhere else in the world. In Lefkar, women are still involved in lace making, potters in many places make pottery, and hand-looms are still used to make textiles. We meet multiculturalism at every step, also in the kitchen. Here, too, influences from three continents intertwine. 

Coming back to Aphrodite, it is worth visiting Petra tou Romiou near Paphos and Aphrodite’s beach. Maybe along with the waves washing the coast of Cyprus, from which the goddess emerged, a little of beauty and love will also flow down on us. 

11,000 years of Cypriot Civilization

Roman Theater – the largest and best-preserved part of the ancient city of Kourion

I wonder what important numbers about Cyprus should we remember? Certainly, the Republic of Cyprus is the largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an area of 9,221 km² and a coastline of 648 km. But most importantly, it boasts a glorious 11,000- year-old Cypriot civilization. And I think that this pride in the historical and cultural heritage with such long traditions is the driving force to adapt so widely to the requirements of the modern world. Tourism services and products are of the highest standard, English is widely spoken on the island, the promotion of Cypriot tourism through film, which is the most effective marketing tool on the Internet, is downright impressive … 

Lefkara in Cyprus – a charming town hidden in the heart of the island and beautiful villas

Many films are made about Cyprus, because there is so much to show. The island is extremely colorful, interesting and diverse, also in terms of nature. Many efforts are directed towards the protection of natural resources and sustainable development. Despite its small size, the island of Cyprus has an impressive 11,000-year heritage in its natural habitat and varied landscape waiting to be explored. Thanks to the favorable climate all year round, the wonderful countryside of the island is easily accessible and offers countless possibilities for a journey through nature, history and culture thanks to numerous marked paths. 52 marked hiking trails have been created to emphasize the beauty of the landscape and the strong Mediterranean character of the island. Walking them, you can see a treasury of diverse fauna and flora. 

It should be emphasized that Cyprus is a paradise for active people. We can find here both mountains, beautiful forests with old trees, with romantic paths for hiking and cycling trips, as well as vast, sandy and rocky beaches with crystal clear water. Many attractions await lovers of water sports. Diving enthusiasts can visit the underwater world of Cyprus and admire the variety of colorful inhabitants of the underwater world, as well as go to underwater caves and wrecks … 

The innate hospitality of the people of CYPRUS

amazingly tasty traditional Cypriot food

When we land on Cyprus, we are enchanted by the wonderful scent of jasmine, mint, thyme, rosemary and citrus, which accompanies the natural hospitality and cordiality of its inhabitants. And the hospitality is primarily the famous Cypriot cuisine with excellent Cypriot wines. This particular geographical location of Cyprus, at the junction of Europe and the Middle East, has also contributed to the mixing of many culinary influences and traditions over the centuries. 

Cypriot cuisine is an exotic blend of Mediterranean and oriental flavors. In Cyprus, food is one of the most important elements of social life. The best way to experience Cypriot cuisine is to order a meze from the tavern. It is a set of various, small portions of dishes, such for one bite. It is tasty, healthy and extremely diverse. 

The tables are dominated by seafood, meat, vegetables, olives, cheese, and delicious wines headed by Commandaria. This sweet wine with the oldest written recipe in the world, called the king of wines and the wine of kings, has delighted many rulers due to its unique taste and aroma. 

The tradition of viticulture in Cyprus is a separate story, extremely rich and has 6,000 years. Take the cultural wine routes, visit the amazing vineyards and try it. There are also films about Cypriot wines. 

Commandaria – famous Cypriot sweet and essential dessert wine, produced on the eastern slopes of the Trodos Mountains

We invite you to Cyprus! 


Prepared by: Ewa Kotus
Photos: Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism 

Translation: Wojciech Jaworek 

We would like to thank Mrs. Barbara Horowska-Kowalska / CYPRUS TOURISM POLAND for a beautiful story about Cyprus 

I choose Cyprus!