Ustka – Become the Master of Leisure

The southern shores of the Baltic Sea are mainly wide sandy beaches, picturesque dunes, forests and spits typical of this region. Space and a sense of freedom. In Poland, such ribbons of light sand extend over 500 km of the coast, and between Krynica Morska in the east and Świnoujście in the west, there are countless larger and smaller towns waiting for tourists. In the central part of the coast, there is the Słowińskie Coast (Slovincian Coast), and in its very center – Ustka. Thanks to its location, this old fishing port can offer tourists the best of everything on the Baltic Sea. 

The Tourist Champions Leauge 

Everyone would like to become a champion … unfortunately, it is not that simple in every discipline. Fortunately, there is hope for everyone, as we learn from the new film promoting Ustka, which urges us to become masters of leisure. It is enough to come to Ustka, take part in dozens of competitions, and a place on the podium will certainly be enough for everyone. The biggest reward is, of course, a healthy safe vacation that will give you strength for the whole year! 

Actively on the Baltic Sea 

Ustka has been famous for its tourist values for many years, but never before has our sea offered as much as today. Of course, the most important are the two large beaches (one of which is reinforced with a special reef). Baths, the sun giving us vitamin D and iodine contained in the sea air are the obvious benefits of staying on the coast. A barefoot walk on the sand provides a wonderful foot massage, and thanks to the footbridge across the port that connects the two beaches (unique in Europe), it can be really long. From the port in Ustka, you can go out to sea on board a pirate ship or an ultra-fast motorboat – adrenaline is guaranteed. There is also nothing to prevent you from facing the Baltic Sea on your own. Ustka has excellent conditions for kitesurfing, i.e. surfing with a kite-paraglider drive. More and more people are sailing on a Stand Up Paddele boards (with an oar, without a sail), and some daredevils go to the sea in a canoe after covering the trail on the Słupia River, which moutch is located in Ustka. 

Walking along the trails, cycling on… railway embankments 

Holidays are the time to charge your health batteries. A stay in Ustka is perfect for this, and everyone, regardless of age, will find something for themselves. The town and its surroundings are entwined with a network of hiking trails, on which we can walk and run for hours, inhaling the healthiest air in the country. Along the way, we can visit many interesting places, for example the historic district of fishermen’s houses built using a half-timbered method characteristic for the region, or the beautifully renovated Promenade, at which, at the entrance to the port, you can find a beautiful neo-Gothic lighthouse with an open viewing terrace. Other trails, through coniferous forests, lead the lovers of stronger sensations straight to the… Ghost’s Pond. 

Cyclists do not even have to bring their own equipment here – there is no problem with renting it on site. By bike, you can traverse the Trail of Rolled Tracks, which leads along a picturesque route to Rowy and the Słowiński National Park along the former railway embankments. 

Junior Championships 

The youngest masters of leisure can spend their excess energy in the Rope Park, Megaland, or in the surprising special effects of the 7D cinema. There are fabulously colorful butterflies waiting for young vacationers in the Motylarnia, as well as a predatory blacktip sharkin in the Oceanarium. In museums in Ustka, the little master will stand face to face with Shrek, check how to bake bread, see the largest rock crystal in Poland, measure the skeleton of a dinosaur and take a picture with Jacek Sparrow … upside down. A trip around the city in the company of Captain Haase, participating in a tourist game or looking for treasures (a phone will be useful) can provide a lot of emotions! 

Resort and spa 

If someone is not satisfied with the iodine wind from the sea, we can visit the new graduation tower, where breathing becomes a refined pleasure, and the saline from Ustka will take care of the condition of our kidneys, liver and immune system. The best way to get there is to walk with Nordic Walking poles, which is officially recommended as a treatment by the Ustka Health Resort. In the latter, you can repair your health in hundreds of ways, and the spa & wellness services, medical and rehabilitation treatments are offered at the highest level. If the weather is not good or we visit Ustka outside the summer season, we can also take a bath under the roof. There are swimming pools in four hotels, including an Aquapark with a slide, artificial river, underwater couches and lots of other attractions. 

Safe and convenient 

After an eventful day, you need a place to cool down and gather strength for the next day of the recreational championships … Numerous hotels, guesthouses and apartments ensure a comfortable stay by the sea. In the area you will also find campsites and summer houses, so everyone will find something for their pockets. Restaurants and fryers, famous for fresh and well-prepared fish will provide us with gastronomic bliss. Ustka knows how to take care of its masters! 

Trophies for Ustka 

This year, Ustka not only encourages tourists to become a champion, but also takes part in the great world championships. By participating in the circuit of International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT, the film “Become a Master of Leisure” has already won the award of the 21st edition of the prestigious The Golden City Gate Festival, which takes place every year at the ITB Fair in Berlin, and an award at the XVI FilmAT Festival in Warsaw – a tourist and corporate film festival. Currently, the film promoting Ustka is competing for the World Audience Award in the great CIFFT competition, the competition of the only organization in the world that has been selecting the most beautiful tourist films in the world for last 33 years. 

So let’s vote for Ustka! 

Wojciech Jaworek 
Photos: Ustka Municipality Office 

Ustka – Become the Master of Leisure