Medical Giant, Green Tower and Hot16

WARBUD S.A. triple awarded at FilmAT Festival 2020!

WARBUD S.A. is one of the biggest construction companies in Poland. Over the past 30 years, the company’s portfolio has included many prestigious and complicated projects that have changed the landscape of our country, including the Złota 44 skyscraper designed by Daniel Libeskind, the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw and the building of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.

WARBUD S.A. actively and successfully uses film as a promotion’s instrument, as exemplified by three awards in this year’s corporate film competition of FilmAT Festival!

The company was awarded by juries, both in the national and international competition, and the films submitted to the FilmAT Festival corporate film competition presented not only a high visual level, but also a substantive level, presenting the company’s capabilities as a general contractor of complex and large investments at a highest global level.

An example of such a production is the film “Medical Giant” awarded in the “Best Information Film” category, presenting the construction of the University Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim. The film perfectly shows the big scale and complexity of this great investment, carried out in the “design and build” formula, with WARBUD S.A.  as  the leader of the consortium of contractors. The hospital with nearly 1,000 beds, with an educational function, consists of 20 buildings and five thousand rooms full of modern technology, located on an area of 15 ha. The members of the WARBUD S.A. team responsible for the implementation of the project, talk about the “Medical Giant” from Prokocim, which was succesfully completed within four years of construction,  and about the challenges they had to face. 

Investments realized by WARBUD S.A. are especially visible in the panorama of Warsaw, above all in Wola district, which is now one huge construction site. There, on the border of Śródmieście (City Centre), a new business district of the capital of Poland is being built, and in its heart is growing the Mennica Legacy Tower, project of  Golub GetHouse and Mennica Polska S.A. . The film “Mennica Legacy Tower – Construction Acceptance & Green Certification” received an award in the category “Environment & Ecology”. The film, which lasts just over three minutes, shows the construction of the first skyscraper in Poland with the BREEM certificate at the Outstanding level. The precise assembly of the rope facades is currently underway on the building, and the engineers explain the environmental friendliness of the building, both in terms of design, materials used and the future operation of the office building.

This is not the only construction site of WARBUD in this rapidly developing area, but it is definitely perfect example for showing the company’s capabilities. Today, when the building is ready for use and it starts to fill up with tenants, they will be able to appreciate the quality and the pro-ecological aspects of using the tower’s facilities.

WARBUD S.A. it is also corporate social responsibility. Big business is a great responsibility, and a film at a literally high level. In the “Fundraising, non-profit organizations, CSR” category, the award went to the film “Warbud # Hot16Challenge2”, the photos of which were taken at the top of the construction site of the tallest building in Poland – Varso Tower. The company joined the fundraising campaign for the foundation, which supports health care workers in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. The film not only accomplishes a noble cause, but also shows a spectacular construction in the heart of Warsaw, and the viewers can admire amazing views, so far only available to the builders of the colossus that is being built for HB Reavis.

This way films showing the successes of complex, modern and ecological projects implemented by WARBUD S.A. also proved to be a success!

Wojciech Jaworek 
Photos: WARBUD S.A. 

Medical Giant, Green Tower and Hot16 – WARBUD S.A. triple awarded at FilmAT Festival 2020!