The World’s Tourism Film Centre already in Mazovia!

And it finally happened! On December 11, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World’s Tourism Film Centre was opened at the Muzeum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw with a symbolic ceremony. We are very pleased with this fact, because it was an unusual gift for the 15th edition of the International FilmAT Festival.

From Vienna, from the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT, came all the knowledge concerning the selection of the best tourism films in the world, which will be available on a touch screen at the permanent exhibition at the Museum. over 240 films which during these 32 years were nominated for the title of the best tourism film in the world and which won the Grand Prix CIFFT trophy in individual years.

Mr. Emil Sawicki – Secretary of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Mr. Sławomir Majcher – director of the Museum, Mrs. Alexandra Czechowicz-Woźniak – deputy director, and Ewa Kotus, as the director of the FilmAT Festival and the initiator of this project, had the pleasure to cut the symbolic red ribbon, which is the beginning of a great international cooperation at the Museum of Sport and Tourism in the theme of the tourism film.

Mr. Emil Sawicki emphasized the great importance of film in promoting countries, regions and cities as well as all activities related to tourism, and expressed the hope that in the future films about Mazovia will climb to the top of the global ranking of the best tourism films.

Nobody else, than Mr. Sławomir Majcher – director of the Museum and Ms Alexandra Czechowicz-Woźniak – deputy director, due to their education and experience, can better understand the meaning of this great film cooperation. Both of them thanked Alexander V. Kammel – founder and director of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals CIFFT – for opening up to this international program.

We hope that COVID-19 will leave us in the spring and that our international meetings will be natural and numerous as it used to be before …

The World’s Tourism Film Centre already in Mazovia!