Lower Silesia - find your way!

A film promoting cycling tourism in Lower Silesia, by the decision of an international jury, was awarded first prize in the Eco Tourism category in the competition of the 17th FilmAT Festival 2022 . The award-winning production is part of the Lower Silesia Marshal’s Office campaign #FindYourWay, which includes a series of spots promoting active tourism and the most beautiful places in Lower Silesia.

Both the promotional campaign and the award-winning film “Lower Silesia #FindYourWay” fit in with current trends in active leisure and healthy lifestyle. The increasingly popular cycling tourism tastes even better if we add to it the beauty of nature and the many historical monuments of Lower Silesia.


In today’s tourism, an important aspect is its inclusivity and accessibility for everyone, regardless of age or physical capabilities. An important element of the Lower Silesia #FindYourWay campaign is its second message: EQUALS IN PASSION, emphasising that cycling is an eco-friendly way of mobility, but also a passion for everyone – which is why the spots feature people from every age category: from children to seniors, people with disabilities, people involved in professional and amateur sport.

The particular importance of route accessibility is highlighted by Paweł Parus, Marshal’s Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities: “On the cycling routes of Lower Silesia we can meet more and more frequently people with various disabilities. For them tourism and recreation are also a very important form of rehabilitation and activation. This only confirms that disability is no barrier to the realisation of passions or dreams”.

On the region’s trails you will encounter mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, e-bikes, tandems, cargo bikes or handbikes – the choice of options and route planning is huge, as is the range of people who ride them. Indeed, in Lower Silesia everyone will find their own route.

The choice is so great because the length of cycle routes in the region is estimated at 8,000 km. It is easy to plan a cycling trip to Lower Silesia, as more than 200 ideas for cycling tours of various difficulty levels can be found on the website http://dolnyslaskrowerem.pl/ and in the Dolny Śląsk Rowerem (Lower Silesia by bike) mobile application, which provides routes with descriptions and photos.


Cyclists can enjoy many special attractions in the region!

This is where you will find, among other things, the Singletrack Glacensis – a unique mountain bike route. It is the largest network of singletracks (narrow, one-way paths) in Europe! The routes run through the picturesque Kłodzko Valley (Glacensis is its Latin name) and consist of 27 loops and one two-way section. Regardless of where you start your adventure, you will always return to the same place. The total length of all sections – from Srebrna Góra to Jagodna – is about 260 km.

The lapwing
The white lapwing
Herons and seagulis

Of the lowland and flat regions of Lower Silesia, worth recommending for cycling rallies is the Barycz Valley with the Milicz Ponds – the largest complex of fish ponds in Europe – is worth recommending. It is at the same time Poland’s largest ornithological reserve – a real bird paradise and an ideal place for birdwatching; besides a bicycle, it is worth taking along also binoculars.

Książ Castle –
photo Piotr Jasiaczak
Pearl of the West in Siedlecin – photo Michał Brezdeń
Wojanow Palace –
photo Szymon Bialic

Poland’s largest forest complex, the Bory Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesian Forest), tempts visitors with interesting trails around Bolesławiec, famous worldwide for its distinctive ceramics.

There are numerous cycle routes that will take you to one of Lower Silesia’s many castles. The most famous of these are Czocha Castle, Kliczków, Grodziec or Bolków. The pearl in the crown of Lower Silesian castles is certainly the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, a well-preserved aristocratic residence. Tourists going to visit Książ Castle can take advantage of the offer to go on a tour around Książ Park or to conquer on two wheels Chełmiec, the peak of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains.

The High Stone – photo Rafał Kotylak

In the south of the region, the challenges of the Owl Mountains (Góry Sowie), the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) await adventurous cyclists. Also worth seeing are the interesting rock formations located on the Polish-Czech border of the Table Mountains (Góry Stołowe). The areas of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills are also perfectly suited for cycling tourism – small hills should not cause any problems even to cycling amateurs, and post-volcanic landscapes with natural monuments, such as the Wielisławskie Organs, are a paradise for all who are interested in the country’s natural heritage.

Kłodzko Fortress – photo Janusz Krzeszowski

If I have not yet convinced you that it is worth going on a bicycle ride to admire the beautiful sights of Lower Silesia, you should watch the film that delighted the jury of the 17th FilmAT Festival.

Wojciech Jaworek
photos: Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia
National Competition of 17th FilmAT Festival
1st prize in Category Tourist Product/Eco Tourism
Lower Silesia #FindYourWay”/”Dolny Śląsk #ZnajdźSwojąTrasę”
Lower Silesia – find your way!