Bielsko-Biała - a city in the mountains

Main station – photo P.Komander

Bielsko-Biała is a charming city located in the south of the Silesian Voivodeship, where it is easy to travel to and enjoy a pleasant stay. It is associated mainly with the cartoon characters of the Animated Film Studio, the Polish Fiat 126p or, in the past, with woollen fabrics.

Surrounded by the mountains of the Silesian Beskid and the Little Beskid, it makes residents feel as if they are out for a walk in the in front of their houses. As many as 17 peaks lie within the administrative boundaries of the city. Not surprisingly, much of the active life of locals and tourists revolves around the mountains. So let’s get on the trail!

Our mountains are gracious to everyone. Both lovers of long, strenuous hikes and those who prefer a more stationary lifestyle will benefit from their charm. For a short hike, visitors can choose Kozia Góra (683 m) or Dębowiec (686 m), which can also be reached by a chairlift, used by skiing enthusiasts in winter.

Another must-see peak is Szyndzielnia – it takes less than two hours to get there from Dębowiec, but this time can be significantly shortened by using the modern gondola lift. There are 34 carriages, including one silver VIP carriage, the so-called ‘Lounge’. Every second one is equipped with special bicycle racks, and all of them are adapted for transporting baby buggies and wheelchair users. Thanks to it, in about 6 minutes we can overcome a significant elevation gain and then hike towards the top of Szyndzielnia, Klimczok or Błatnia. It also serves mountain bikers who ride the Enduro Trails, which vary in difficulty. Next to the upper station of the cableway, there is a viewing tower, which offers a panoramic view of Bielsko-Biała, the Beskidy Mountains, the Żywiec Basin and even the Tatra Mountains. Once you have returned from your tour, it is a worthwhile idea to “head into town”, preferably on foot or by city bike from the BBike network.

The Castle
of the Sulkowski Dukes
– photo R.Hryciow
Market square with a view of the cathedral – photo R.Hryciow
Main Post Office – photo R.Hryciow

In the city centre, you can find as many as two old towns: one of Bielsko with the castle of the Sułkowskis’ Dukes, the Market Square, the Cathedral, Bolesław Chrobry Square and the Polish Theatre, and the other one of Biała with 11 Listopada Street, Wojska Polskiego Square, Wolności Square and the Town Hall building – the seat of the municipal authorities. Architecture lovers will find there sophisticated historicism, Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Town hall – photo Dorota Koperska

Bielsko-Biała is not just about mountains and architecture, however, as there could hardly be a more fairy-tale Polish city. Bielsko-Biała is the cradle of Polish classical animation. Some of the most famous cartoon characters such as Bolek and Lolek, Reksio, Baltazar Gąbka and many others were born here. More fairy tale monuments and streets and squares with fairy tale patrons are being created in Bielsko-Biała, which together form the “Fairy Tale Bielsko-Biała” trail. On this trail you can meet: Bolek and Lolek, Reksio the dog, the Wawel Dragon, Bartolini the Cook, Don Pedro the Spy from the Land of Rain, and the friendly Pampalini the animal hunter.

Reksio – photo Paweł Sowa
Balthazar – photo Paweł Sowa
Pampalini and hippo –
photo L.Cykarski

Sport is also an important element in the lives of residents and visitors to the City of Bielsko-Biała. There is something for everyone and at any time of the year – recreational areas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, public playing fields await the active ones, while football fans can sit in the stands of high-standard venues. The largest are the Municipal Stadium with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, the multi-purpose hall under the Dębowiec Mountain with spacious stands, and the intimate athletics stadium beautifully located among the trees. It is here that the most popular teams from Bielsko-Biała play their matches: TS Podbeskidzie footballers, BKS volleyballers – multiple Polish champions, BBTS volleyballers or the increasingly successful Rekord futsal team.

The city creates conditions for the development of many disciplines, from the most popular to niche ones. Thanks to this, Bielsko-Biała is full of sport emotions and active people who care for their condition and healthy lifestyle all year round.

We invite you to watch the city’s promotional video, which received the first prize in the “Promotion of the city” category at the 17th FilmAT Festival

text: City Hall of Bielsko Biała
translation: Wojciech Jaworek
Bielsko-Biała – a city in the mountains